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The International Alliance for Peace and Development issues an analytical report for November on the movements of the far right in Europe

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The Observatory Unit of the International Alliance for Peace and Development issued its monthly report on the activities of the far-right in Europe during November, Compared to the previous months, November is considered one of the highest months showing representation of the far-right’s activity, as the first half of November has witnessed more events than its counterpart of October.

The general observing of the far-right activity has proved new moves in new areas within Europe, as is the case in Spain, which recorded the highest rate of the far-right activity in this month, after the victory of the far-right Vox Party over other parties, which is now considered as the country’s third most powerful party, Spain wasn’t the only country showing high representation of the activity of the far-right party during the first half of November. Hungary is also one of the countries showing a high representation of the party in the political process. As for Austria during the first half of November, a new alliance was built to support the far-right party after winning last October’s elections. As for France status during the first half of November, it is still one of the countries putting restrictions on the country’s far-right activity. As for Poland’s far-right situation; Poland is considered a new country to the list of counties witnessing far-right activities this month

The International Alliance for Peace and Development has fears that the first people affected by far-right politics in Europe will be Arabs and Muslims who will have to face many new troubles, and that such measures foreshadow internal tensions in Europe in the future, as a result of hostile and racist rhetoric towards foreigners and Muslims, which threatens the security and stability of European countries in general.

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