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About us

International Alliance For Peace And Development

 AIPD Vision and Mission statements

intolerance and extremism. International cooperation for peace and sustainable development.


The IAPDA seeks to promote for peace and sustainable development all over the world. The IAPDA works to counter hatred, violence and extremism and to work side by side with the UN mechanism and other affective institutions all over the world. The IAPDA follows its vision by networking in order to mobilize efforts, cooperation and integration.

The association is based on international human rights conventions adopted by the UN General Assembly, as well the recommendations and commentaries of the international bodies established by these conventions or any other mechanism based on the UN charter. In addition, the association is committed by all decisions of UN bodies; in relation to peace and international security together with the strategies, plans, and resolutions related to the sustainable development.


World free of violence, hatred,

IAPD Goals

1-Promote respecting human rights and strengthening communication with international mechanisms to protect human rights.

2-Support various UN and regional bodies.

3-Contribute to the improvement of sustainable peace policies throughout the world.

4-Build a global culture against violence, hate speech and extremism, and supporting peace, dialogue, tolerance and acceptance of others.

5-Provide platforms for dialogue, cultural exchange, and cultural integration.

6-Support UN, international and regional bodies in achieving sustainable development goals 2030.


IAPD Mechanisms

1-Organize forums, conferences and dialogue platforms.

2-Exchange of experience and expertise.

3-Organize activities, mutual projects, and attract donors as well as development partners.

4-Effectively cooperate with variable UN bodies.

5-Communicate with policy makers all over the world.

6-Prepare reports, studies and research papers as well as sources provider.



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