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United Nations human rights mechanisms

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The International Alliance for Peace and Development did a training course on the UN human rights mechanisms in Geneva in conjunction with the 41st Session of the Human Rights Council. this course is in cooperation with a number of European, Arab and African organizations interested in the international human rights mechanisms. the duration of this course is 2 weeks

This course began on 22 June  and ended on 4 July 2019

This training course consisted of 26 participants from different countries of European, African and Arab countries. The most important feature of this training course was that it combined the theoretical aspect by explaining to the participants through a group of distinguished experts in the United Nations human rights mechanisms namely: Ayman okeil, Walaa keshta , Hager Abd Elmonsif , Mennatalla Abdelraouf. and second part was practical aspect During the attendance of the participants of the sessions of the Human Rights Council at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva during the days of the session

This course focus on the mechanisms of the Human Rights Council, the UPR universal periodic review and the treaties body  and how the mechanism and method of reporting of state and reporting of NGOs .

Outcomes of this training course  through this training course participants enable to attend and see every method happen inside human rights council :-

1- participants attended in room XX and they knew well how the interactive dialogue done by the Special Rapporteur , delegations of states and NGOs

2- participants attended and Participated in side events in different topics

This training comes through the belief of the International Alliance for Peace and Development in the importance of cooperating with the UN human rights mechanisms that contribute to spreading its message, spreading peace, renouncing violence, extremism, hate speech, and spreading awareness of the importance of human rights. This training also works on respecting cultural diversity and coexistence with others. It includes various members from a number of different countries from Europe, Africa and the Arab countries, which would contribute to the dissemination of the message sought by the international Alliance is spreading the values ​​of peace and the rejection of violence and extremism and respect for human rights.

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