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Unite for Peace

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in front of the broken chair beside place des Nations , Geneva

A Peaceful Stand Under the Slogan “Unite for Peace” in Front of the Human Rights Council in Geneva,”We seek to spread peace and to address violence and hate speech.” Okeil said
“We will start from Geneva to all the countries of the world carrying a message of peace.” Ahmed Said said

The joint mission of the International Alliance for Peace and Development organized a peaceful stand in front of the Human Rights Council in Geneva under the slogan “Unite for Peace”. The stand included an exhibition of photographs that reflect the damage caused by terrorist operations in recent years, which hit many countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
The rally comes within the framework of the International Alliance for Peace and Development, based in Geneva, to spread a culture of peace among young people around the world and to renounce violence and extremism. Mr. Ahmed Said, Executive Director of the Alliance, said that they will visit many countries in the coming phase and activities will be implemented with the help of young people to spread the culture of peace.
The rally, held on July 2, 2019, witnessed a heavy turnout from various nationalities, expressing their support for peace worldwide and writing some anti-terrorist phrases. The participants appealed to the United Nations to hold the States supporting terrorism accountable; and prevent them from providing funding, safe haven and media platforms to terrorists. They also called on all States to commitment to their obligations to combat terrorism.
The participants stressed the importance of the role of youth, women and civil society organizations in spreading the culture of peace among citizens and combating terrorism. They agreed to promote joint action worldwide and decided to establish Forum of Peace and Development Makers.
Ayman Okeil pointed out that the Forum seeks to work through national, regional and international mechanisms to mobilize and organize youth efforts and build their capacities to enable dialogue among each other as well as with policy makers around the world. to contribute to building peace; ending violence, extremism and terrorism; preventing hate speech, discrimination and racism; restoring respect for human rights; and helping people and governments realize and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

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