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The International Alliance for Peace and Development issues an analytical report for june on the movements of the far right in Europe

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The Observatory Unit of the International Alliance for Peace and Development issued its third monthly report on the activities of the far- right in Europe during June. This month was one of the most effective months of the far right, compared with April and May, and the measures it has taken to target refugees and migrants.

This report also shows an increase in the level of violence against immigrants in some European countries. it also noted that Britain is among the European countries that are confronting the far right with resolutions, whose main objective is to confront the terrorist attacks launched by the far right in the United Kingdom. Italy is one of the most European countries that directly attack migrants and refugees

With regard to displacement and the flow of migration to Europe, the number of arrivals to Europe via Greece, Italy and Spain decreased by 41% compared to 2017. New measures targeting mixed movements in the Mediterranean have reduced the number of arrivals to Italy significantly.

Therefore, the international Alliance considers what is happening in Europe is the greatest distinction in the enjoyment of rights and freedoms.

The International Alliance for Peace and Development foresaw that the forthcoming right-wing activity in some European anti-immigration countries will continue and may even increase significantly, unlike those that restrict the activity of the far right.

The International Alliance recommends that European countries use repressive policies to ensure access to safety for persons seeking international protection, taking into account border protection, and to ensure that border officials are able to identify persons with international protection needs; Rapid and effective asylum, including the use of expedited procedures throughout the Mediterranean.

Report about the Far-Right in Europe in June


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