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The International Alliance for Peace and Development issues an analytical report for July on the movements of the far right in Europe

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The Observatory Unit of the International Alliance for Peace and Development issued its fourth monthly report on the activities of the far- right in Europe during July. According to the report of this month witnessed a higher percentage of targeting of migrants and refugees by the far right compared to the previous months.

In view of the legislation and laws on immigration and asylum developed by the European countries during July and the orientations of the parties in Europe, Spain headed the countries that have a big difference between their political parties after the last parliamentary elections in Spain, in which the Socialists led by the Prime Minister reinforced their political gains by winning 123 seats accounting for 29% of the Parliament.

France developed a legislation aimed at combating hate on the Internet, whether through incitement or racial insults or excesses through expressions of religious sectarianism in order to reduce attacks against refugees and migrants.

unexpectedly, Germany passed a new law that gives the opportunity for skilled workers from countries other than EU countries. The law was criticized not only by the far-right but also by the European Union because Germany has a strategic position within the European Parliament.

As for Italy, there are still indicators showing that it continues to support violence and extremism. Five different activities of the far-right have been monitored in Italy, including government statements and terrorist coalitions that are currently emerging and preparing for terrorist operations, which may be the cornerstone of supporting extremist operations in Europe

According to the general situation in Europe, the international Alliance predicts that the far right will have a stronger in August.

Therefore, the Alliance condemns the hate speeches issued by the extreme right in some European countries, which it considers sectarian practices on the basis of religion or race, condemned by all international conventions and norms, the principles of humanity and good governance. We therefore recommend that measures be taken to reduce all hate speech against migrants.

Report on the Far-Right in July
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