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The International Alliance for Peace and Development issues an analytical report for December on the movements of the far right in Europe

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The Observatory Unit of the International Alliance for Peace and Development issued its monthly report on the activities of the far-right in Europe during December, Far-Right activity has increased significantly in December, when some of the European governments’ attempts to resist far-right parties and the extremist activities they undertook, have emerged. However, these efforts were narrowly framed and implemented. This month, too, has witnessed a surge in radicalization process targeting opposition, including, but not limited to, the riots took place in Germany during the second half of December when vandals overturned a Jewish cemetery and sprayed it with blue paint.

December paves the way for new developments on the European scene and for the activity of the far-right during 2020 in the light of this month’s initial results that has been revealed after monitoring the far-right activity. These results, indeed, can present a glimpse on the situation of the far-right political parties, and the situation of the governments that play a powerful role in restricting the activity of these parties or the trained groups implementing their plans.

Germany ranked first, this month, in the countries restricting far-right activity, but the far-right steps were faster than government actions.

Austria is also an example of a country walking its very first steps towards restricting radical thought. The first of these steps is to repeal the legal acts adopted by those parties in 2018. Although these laws have caused immigrants many problems, it, nevertheless, offered us a glimmer of hope and a sense of wonder

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