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The International Alliance for Peace and Development issues an analytical report for August on the movements of the far right in Europe

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The Observatory Unit of the International Alliance for Peace and Development issued its fifth monthly report on the activities of the far- right in Europe during August. According to this report, this month  is one of the most months that witness a lot of movements of the far-right. It managed to gain more popularity and support in some European countries

a serious wave of intolerance and hate violence is targeting migrants and refugees in Europe, raising concerns about these horrific incidents. In August, there were many incidents targeted minorities and migrants in Europe. And the highest rate of violence and persecution was in Germany, as a result of the growth of neo-Nazi movements, white nationalism and other extremist movements that spread hatred and violence for political gain.

This report monitors all the movements and activities of the far-right in Europe. August witnessed large far-right movements; the far-right managed to take more steps forward in a number of European countries than others. The first week of August had the highest rate of the far-right movements in Germany, which poses a threat to the economy of Germany and Europe as a whole. The far-right activity was increased in countries such Sweden and Australia. The report includes a broad overview as well as an analysis of the current situation with regard to hate speech and violence within the European countries.

International Alliance for Peace and Development expects that the European arena will witness massive changes in the political map. The emergence of new countries that warn of the existence of the far-right

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