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On International Day of Non-Violence: The International Alliance for Peace and Development calls for non-violence

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In conjunction with the International Day of Non-Violence, 2 October of each year, The International Alliance for Peace and Development calls for non-violence and condemns all acts of violence around the world and rejects all forms of violence against children, women , Religious minority  and ethnic minorities, as well as violence resulting from wars and conflicts around the world, especially violence in Yemen, Syria, Kashmir, South Sudan and Venezuela

The International Alliance for Peace and Development asserts that violence is one of the most unacceptable social manifestations in all societies that respect humanity and value humanity. In the context of the International Alliance for Peace and Development concern on human rights issues and denounce the violations of human rights in all countries and raise the values of tolerance and peace, IAPD launches campaign against violence, hate speech and terrorism. It is worth mentioning that this campaign was participated  by a large number of young people from different countries around the world, this campaign focused on the fight against all forms of violence, and the international Alliance organized a number of peaceful rallies in front of the United Nations calling for a stop to violence and call for peace.

On this International Day of Non-Violence, we must remember that ending conflicts and spreading the rhetoric of love is a fundamental foundation upon which peace and stability are built. Therefore, the International Alliance appeals to the international community and the United Nations to take urgent steps to end conflicts and violence all over the world. also emphasizes the important role that civil society organizations can play in making awareness campaigns to end violence and promote peace

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