Terrorism must be addressed by spreading peace and tolerance

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International Alliance for Peace and Development: Terrorism must be addressed by spreading peace and tolerance

The International Alliance for Peace, Development and Human Rights condemns the brutal terrorist attack that targeted worshipers during Friday prayers in New Zealand today. It resulted in around 50 victims and a large number of people injured. The Alliance stressing that terrorism targets humanity and does not differentiate between victims.

The International Alliance for Peace considered the terrorist attack as a crime against humanity. Such attacks and crimes aim at spreading hatred against Arab and Muslim immigrants and threatening world peace. The Alliance calls for the need to confront such terrorist attacks by spreading a culture of peace and tolerance among all mankind.

The 40th Session of the Human Rights Council is currently held in Geneva from 25 February to 22 March 2019. In conjunction with the participation of a delegation from the Alliance in this session, the International Alliance for Peace calls for the need to unite NGOs around the world as the closest to communities, in order to spread the culture of non-violence and to promote peace. The Alliance urges the UN system to support all efforts to promote international peace and security.

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