International Alliance for peace and development call for coexistence for peace

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International alliance for peace and development  launches statement entitled” coexistence for peace”,  Perhaps one of the most important challenges facing human societies today is how to deal with the divergence and separation cultural, religious and ethnic. With the increasing frequency of incitement to violence and atrocities under religious and ethnic justification.

So International alliance for peace and development concentrates on the concept of coexistence is one of the central concepts aimed at managing the diversity of human societies properly and turning it into a driving force to promote community cohesion and achieve peace among the people of the world. Because coexistence it necessary to settle human relations

International  alliance for peace and development recommended that in order for the principle of coexistence to be realized on the ground, there is a set of conditions and values associated with it, which must be present and supportive. Knowledge is a necessary condition of co-existence societies; for through knowledge and understanding, civilized societies understand their differences, on the one hand, and the differences of societies that differ from them, and the related customs, traditions and cultural environments.

International Alliance for Peace and Development is headquartered in Geneva, The IAPDA seeks to promote for peace and sustainable development all over the world. The IAPDA works to counter hatred, violence and extremism and to work side by side with the UN mechanism and other affective institutions all over the world.


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