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In World Day against Child Labor: international Alliance for Peace and Development condemns the spread of child labor in the world

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In conjunction with World Day Against Child Labour International Alliance for Peace and Development calls for the necessary   to stop the spread of child labor around the world Where millions of children continue to work in hazardous conditions or under exploitative conditions such as mining, dealing with chemicals and pesticides in agriculture, operating hazardous machinery or working as servants at homes. This year’s celebration came under the motto   “Children shouldn’t work in fields, but on dreams”

As part of the implementation of sustainable development goals adopted by world leaders in 2015, Which renews the global commitment to end child labor, the International Alliance looks forward to achieve  UN Sustainable Development Goal Target 8.7 which provides for immediate and effective measures to eliminate forced labor, end contemporary slavery and trafficking in human beings to ensure the prohibition and eradication of the worst forms of work. Children, including recruitment and use as soldiers, and the end of all forms of child labor by 2025

In conjunction with the International Alliance highlights the right of every child to education. The International Alliance also recommends that efforts be made to eliminate the phenomenon of child labor and also calls for immediate action to address the remaining challenges that hinder the international community from steadily embarking on the elimination of child labor. International Alliance hopes to return this day next year to find the employment of children the lowest proportion and the best case.

International Alliance for Peace and Development is headquartered in Geneva, The IAPDA seeks to promote for peace and sustainable development all over the world. The IAPDA works to counter hatred, violence and extremism and to work side by side with the UN mechanism and other affective institutions all over the world.

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