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Awareness Campaign Against Violence

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Awareness Campaign Against Violence

In the context of the International Alliance for Peace and Development concern on human rights issues and renounce the violations of human rights in all countries and raise the values of tolerance and peace, IAPD launches campaign against violence, hate speech and terrorism. IAPD has been in contact with youth from all over the world and how to face it and their opinions on this phenomenon.

This campaign focus on all types of violence (violence against women/ violence against children / violence against ethnic group/ violence against minority people …….) in addition to focus on hate speech and terrorism acts 

IAPD tools

  • Social media
  • Seminars in different countries
  • Workshops in different countries


Raising awareness to end the violence, hate speech and terrorism in all countries


1- How can we keep our self-safe from violence!?

Decide if you’re in any immediate danger
How likely is it, that you will be hurt by someone? 
Sometimes it’s really hard to figure out the danger or risks yourself. If you’re unsure about your safety, it so important to ensure your safety by getting away immediately from that situation.
And to confront the violence take these actions:
Report to police & taking legal steps ( know the law in your area) can be helpful to confront to the violence.
Know what local resources are available. 
Its depending on your city and state, there are different resources might be available to help a victim such as escaping a violent partner, pressing charges, finding temporary housing, or even relocate.
Document all acts of abuse that you experienced. It is really important to keep recording or documenting all acts of abuse and store them in a safe place. 

2- Imagine all the people, living life in peace, disait John Lennon. Qui ne rêverait pas d’un monde sans violence, sans rejet de l’autre ? La prévention et la lutte contre la violence devraient constituer une priorité pour les gouvernements et la promotion de la paix dans le monde devrait être l’œuvre la plus noble à réaliser. Il faudra dire stop à la banalisation des actes de violence ou de discrimination et la société civile ainsi que les médias ont le plus grand rôle à jouer ici.


3- Violence shapes and obsesses our society, and if we do not stop being violent we have no future.


4- Please, let the peace and love are on the Earth because there is more that unites us than divides us. We are the unique creatures when we are together 


5- As a citizen of the 21st century I am not very pleased with hearing the following words in my everyday life. Namely – violence, hate speech and terrorism. 
In a contemporary world, where we talk about peace, acceptance and happiness, we should all unite our skills and tackle the actual problems. It is unacceptable to let prejudiced theories lead our lives. We are all the same, we are humans, and the one and only solution can well be the education. Education is the key. When people are uneducated they tend to be narrow-minded. A quality, which brings its own negatives. 
The present 21st century is a century of improvement and hope. We as its citizens should be fighting against the bad, against the evil, without fear. Because fear is used by the weak, in order to control. We must realize that the control is in our hands. No one can control our future! The future is ours.

6- In last 15 years I have visited almost 40 countries and I am pretty sure that in absolutely all of them violence exists. It means that it is a kind of pandemic. But some countries have strategies how to avoid disrespectful behaviors, so violence appear there in very specific situations. Every human should start to give a good example from himself. We should treat people exactly in the same way how we want to be treated. Change has to start from ourself, in our souls. If we don’t respect the other people, do we have a law to expect respect from them? I don’t think so..

7- The strongest men are those who control their anger. Those who practice violence to the women, who give birth to us, are weak.

8- Ena Markovic 
from Croatia
By educating youth how to express their thoughts and feelings, ask for their needs and wants, we can significantly reduce violence.


Caught in between all the ongoing struggles for influence in our lives, we ourselves have the continuous responsibility to ensure our peace, freedom and comfort; to work hard for our goals and better future; to further educate ourselves; to help others we care about; and to stay vigilant and resilient when facing the difficulties in our way

Violent and aggressive people believe they have several reasons to support their behavior. They believe that violence is logical and justified due to the circumstances they have to face. Violence is always bad and education is a remedy against violence


Today we stand at a tipping point, gender based violence has been redefined to an even trickier place but I believe that when our voices come together, it is possible to challenge the historical power imbalances and affect lasting change.Gender based violence must stop, let’s all speak out.#Youth_against_violence#IAPD_against_violence


Violence against women is a phenomenon that on a global scale is defined as a violation of human rights. This is not something that affects only women , but undermines equality and acts as an obstacle to the development of a democratic society.#Youth_against_violence#IAPD_against_violence

Les violences contre les femmes sont l’une des violations des droits humains les plus répandues dans le monde et pourtant les moins reconnues.
1 femme sur 3 est victime de violences au cours de sa vie (coups, viol, abus), soit 1 milliard de femmes à travers le monde. Les violences faites aux femmes ne comprennent pas seulement les insultes ou les coups, elles signifient également des droits dénigrés, des opportunités limitées et des voix réduites au silence.
Ne rien faire équivaut à se taire et à cautionner ce fléau.


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