On International Human Solidarity Day: International Alliance for peace and Development calls on development a culture of solidarity and a spirit of sharing in order to achieve social justice and combat poverty

On December 20 each year , the world celebrates International Human Solidarity Day  which In the Millennium Declaration world leaders identified Solidarity as one of the fundamental values essential to international relations in the twenty-first century and emphasized that “Global challenges must be managed in a way that distributes the […]

On international Migrants Day: The International Alliance Peace and Development urges states not to adopt discriminatory policies against migrants

On December 18 of each year, the world celebrates the International Day of Migrants, the day adopted by the United Nations in 2000, to highlight the increasing number of international migrants around the world. On that day in 1990, the Assembly adopted the International Convention on the Protection of the […]

Workshop about Human Rights in Romania

The International Alliance for Peace and Development organized a workshop about Human Rights in Cooperation with HUMANACT Association which held in Romania on 10 December 2019. in this workshop participants divided into small groups to define and discuss the  definition of human rights, on the sidelines of Human Rights Day […]

The International Alliance for Peace and Development issues an analytical report for November on the movements of the far right in Europe

The Observatory Unit of the International Alliance for Peace and Development issued its monthly report on the activities of the far-right in Europe during November, Compared to the previous months, November is considered one of the highest months showing representation of the far-right’s activity, as the first half of November […]

On Human Rights Day: International Alliance for Peace and Development asserts on the important role of youth for protection of human rights

On the International Day for Human Rights, in light with the anniversary of the issuance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in accordance with the United Nations Resolution on December 10, 1948, which came to affirm the right of everyone to life, the right to personal security, and the right to justice, education, and […]

Paris Peace Forum

The Paris Peace Forum is a huge annual forum held in November every year, in which thousands of heads of state participate, preparing a platform for dialogue and coordination of efforts to support the goals of sustainable development, foremost of which is building peaceful societies.it proved to be an important […]

Violence Against Women in Iran

The International Alliance for Peace and Development issued a report about  Violence Against Women in Iran in conjunction with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women to stop and raise awareness of abuses against women. this year’s International Day will mark the launch of 16 days of […]