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The international Alliance for Peace and Development asserts that the peace is the solution of the refugee problem 

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World refugee day: The international Alliance for Peace and Development asserts that the peace is the solution of the refugee problem 

In conjunction with world refugee day international Alliance for Peace and Development asserts that urgent peace is what refugees need. This year’s celebration comes under the motto “With the refugees: a step forward”. Today, millions of refugees around the world live outside their countries to escape violence and persecution, and the Refugee Day seems as an opportunity to review the concerns and problems of refugees whose lives are under threat and to highlight the suffering of more than 70 million women, children and men refugees and internally displaced persons – Who had to flee wars and conflicts, most of them from Syria, Afghanistan, southern Sudan, Myanmar, Somalia and Palestine.

International Alliance asserts that despite European countries are hosting a large number of refugees, but international Alliance condemns that the actions of the far right in Europe against refugees and their adoption of racist policies against them, as well as hate speech and racist statements that increase their suffering and endanger their lives.

The UN General Assembly adopted a landmark decision on December 17, 2018. It adopted a new refugee agreement. The agreement, known as the Global Refugee Charter, aims to improve the international response to new and existing refugee situations. The Charter builds on the existing international legal regime on refugees, the 1951 Convention on the Status of Refugees and human rights and humanitarian law.

The Alliance calls the international community to shoulder its responsibilities to reduce the tragedy of asylum and displacement, put all possibilities for finding the root solutions for this crisis, promote long-term development assistance in support of the economy and national development plans in the host countries of refugees and displaced persons. And prevent from taking unilateral coercive measures because they have negative effects on the situation of refugees and displaced persons and the enjoyment of human rights, which have been recognized by international charters and laws. The Alliance also calls on European countries to work to face hate speech and the far right against refugees in order to avoid doubling their suffering.

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